Agenda for Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 9th September 2020 at 20.00 hours via video conference

For the transaction of business as stated in the Agenda. Members of the public and press are welcome to attend.

Please note the meeting will be recorded.

To attend the Zoom meeting please click on the link below:

Meeting ID: 879 2032 5726

Gina Pearce
Acting Clerk to Leafield Parish Council
4th September 2020


Item No.    Subject
1                 Welcome & Apologies for Absence
Ordinary Council Meeting Standing Items
2                 Declaration of Interest in Items on the Agenda
3                 Approval of Draft Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
held on Wednesday 12th August 2020
4                 Matters Arising
5                 County & District Councillors’ Report
6                 Opportunity for the Public to Speak – To provide members of   
the public/press with the opportunity to comment on items on
the Agenda or raise items for future consideration. In
accordance with Standing Orders, this will not exceed 15
minutes in total and five minutes per person
Policy & Finance
7                Clerk/RFO Role
7.1  Confirmation of interim arrangements during recruitment
7.2  Update on recruitment process
8                Update on current financial situation
9                Resolution to approve insurance valuations provided by BCH
10              Resolution to approve updated Fixed Asset Register for onward
transmission to insurers
11              Resolution to approve annual insurance premium from 1st
October with Came & Co at £1,196.80 on a 3 year long term
agreement to finish in 2021
12              Approval of Receipts and Payments for September
Recreation & Leisure
13              Play Area
13.1 Monthly Report – Report on weekly inspections
                  13.2 Review/approval of quote for remedial work identified in the
ROSPA risk assessment from Reids Playgrounds at £4,331 +
VAT (to exclude replacement of wooden bench)
14               Village Hall General
14.1 Updates – Cllr Pearce
14.2 Update on Anti-Social Behaviour and liaison with Police
                           – Cllr Pearce
14.3 Discussion to identify and approve additional security
measures needed at the Village Hall site, the sourcing of
any additional equipment and where/when this should be
15                Village Hall Car Park
15.1 Update on progress of Project – Cllr Caunt
15.2 Consideration and approval of outputs of car park design
tender, work package, compliance and confidence – Cllr
16                St Michael & All Angels Churchyard:  Discussion on selection of
grass cutting contractor – Cllr Hamilton
17                Burial Ground Project
17.1 Update on progress of Construction Phase – Cllr Pearce
17.2 Update on progress of consecration of plots – Cllr Russ
17.3 Review & Approval of the following draft documents
(deferred from August meeting) – Cllr Russ
Burial Ground Charges September 2020
*  Memorial Safety Policy
*  Burial Ground Rules
17.4 Discussion and agreement on further actions required
18                Review of the applications listed below and any applications
received after the agenda is issued:
Application No   Address                 Proposal               Deadline
20/01983/HHD    11 Fairspear Road,  Erection of a          15/09/2020
Leafield                   single storey
rear extension
20/02200/HHD    4 Chapel Close,       Alterations and       15/09/2020
Leafield                    erection of two
storey rear extension
19              Review of Government Planning Consultations & decision on
representations to be made:
19.1 Changes to the Current Planning System (deadline 17th
19.2  White Paper:  Planning for the Future (deadline 15th
19.3 Transparency & Competition:  Data & Land Control
(deadline 16th October)
Transport & Highways
20             Burford Town Centre Experimental 7.5 tonne weight limit
consultation from OCC – Decision on any actions required to
enable factual comments to be submitted by the Council – Cllr
21             Covid-19
Review/Update on the Village Volunteer Group – Cllr

22             Correspondence Register
Confidential Session
23             Resolution:  That in view of the confidential nature of the
business to be discussed, specifically a dispute on land
ownership, that public and press be excluded from the meeting in
accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act
1960, section 1(2) Councillor signatures to be added to Land
Transfer documents sent by solicitors
Ordinary Council Meeting Standing Items
24             Around the Village – Items to note or for future discussion
25             Date of Next Meeting – Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on
Wednesday 14th October 2020 via video conference