Our Parish Council

Parish Councillors

We currently have five Councillors and two vacancies.

More information about our Councillors and how to become one can be found here

Next election

The next election will be in May 2027.


There is one committee: Internal Committee

Working groups

The Council has the following working groups:

  • Burial Ground Administration Working Group
  • Churchyard Maintenance Working Group
  • Community Telephone Working Group
  • Playground Refurbishment Working Group
  • Village Green Maintenance Working Group


The Council employs a part-time Clerk, Anne Ogilvie, who works 15 hours per week.
She can be contacted:
by email to clerk@leafieldparishcouncil.org,
by phone on 07712 003627,
or by post to 6 Manor Court, Chadlington, OX7 3LW.

Council responsibilities

The Council is responsible for:

  • The Village Greens
  • The playing field
  • Churchyard maintenance
  • The Burial Ground
  • The Lychgate
  • The playground
  • The Pavilion
  • The defibrillators at the Fox and the Pavilion
  • Parish Council finances

Action Plan

2024-2025 Action Plan


If you have some spare time or would like to help move our projects forward we would welcome your input.  From the small one off things to ongoing projects there is always something going on.


Other local councillors covering Leafield

West Oxfordshire District Council

Paul Marsh

Email: paul.marsh@westoxon.gov.uk

Liam Walker

Mobile: 07850 014350    Email: liam.walker@westoxon.gov.uk

Oxfordshire County Council

Liam Walker

Mobile: 07850 014350    Email:liam.walker2@oxfordshire.gov.uk


Road and street problems, including potholes:

Please report these using FixMyStreet


What is a Parish Council?

Parish Councils are an important tier of Government within the UK; a Parish Council is the smallest and most localised tier of local government in the UK and is a properly constituted local authority.

The powers and duties, and the manner in which a Parish Council operates are laid out in local government statute and regulations; Parish Councils operate at a level below national government and also below district and borough councils. Parish Councils are elected and can help on a number of local issues, like planning applications or running local sports grounds and community halls.

Government Definition

The Parish Council has legal responsibilities as an employer, and sometimes as an owner of public land and buildings.

Parish Councils are Statutory Bodies, having powers under a number of different Acts (the Local Government Act 1972, the Public Health Act 1936, etc.). Only a few Councils need to use all their available powers. It is up to each Council to choose what is appropriate for the community they serve.

The Council raises funds by the annual Precept which is set in January of each year. The amount required is guided by the setting of the annual budget in the November preceding.

The Parish Council precept is added to the Council Tax bill and collected by West Oxfordshire District Council (on behalf of the Parish Council).

Parish Council Remit

We will endeavour to keep the information provided on our own site accurate and up to date.  If you spot any errors or omissions please contact us by email so that we can investigate and correct.