Rights to access the Wychwood Forest

In addition to the public rights of way, residents of Leafield have two specific rights to access the Wychwood forest

Wood collection
On Thursdays between noon and sunset we are allowed to collect fallen wood from the forest floor. We are only permitted in the area shown below, and access is through the gate at the bottom of Hatchings Lane.

The following rules apply:

  1. No implements i.e. saws, chainsaws, wheelbarrows may be taken in to the forest
  2. All wood must be taken out by hand, vehicles are prohibited from entering the forest
  3. Entrance is via Five Ash Bottom, off Hatching Lane.
  4. It is imperative that people do not stray from the marked area as deer stalking takes place on a regular basis
  5. Access to this area is for the purpose of collecting wood only
  6. No dogs allowed

Palm Sunday walk
From Five Ash Bottom, off Hatchings Lane, you can walk down past the lakes to the ancient spring to collect water.