AGENDA for Meeting 13th November 2019


The Pavilion, Leafield

Wednesday 13th November 2019 at 8.00pm

For the transaction of business as stated in the Agenda. Members of the public and press are welcome to attend. Please note the meeting may be recorded

Mrs Sharon Henley

Clerk/RFO to Leafield Parish Council

5th November 2019


Meetings of the Parish Council are open to the public, and members of the public have a statutory right to attend meetings of the Council as observers, but they have no legal right to speak. As part of the Parish Council’s commitment to community engagement, each meeting will include time for public participation when members of the public can ask questions or make representations.

Members of the public are welcome to stay for the Council meeting after the public session as observers but will not be able to join in the discussion unless invited to do so by the Chairman. If you would like a response to your enquiry, then please leave your contact details with the Clerk.

Item         Subject


  1. Welcome & Apologies for Absence

Ordinary Council Meeting Standing Items

  1. Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda
  1. Approval of Draft Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 9th October 2019
  2. Clerk’s Report/Matters Arising
  1. County & District Councillors’ Reports
  1. Opportunity for the Public to Speak – To provide members of the public/press with the opportunity to comment on items on the Agenda or raise items for future consideration. In accordance with Standing Orders, this will not exceed 15 minutes in total and five minutes per person

Policy & Finance

  1. Approval of Receipts and Payments for November
  1. RFO Report on Current Financial Position
  1. Review & Approval of Bank Reconciliation
  1. Review of Progress on Draft Budget for 2020-21
  1. Review of Earmarked Reserves
  1. Consider Clerk’s request to purchase Clerk’s Handbook from SLCC at a cost of £47.50
  1. Roles & Responsibilities Training for Councillors on Wed 18th March – consider if any councillors to attend

Recreation & Leisure

  1. Play Area Monthly Report – Clerk to report on monthly inspection
  1. Village Hall – updates Cllr Pearce
  1. Village Hall Car Park – update on project progress – Cllr Caunt
  1. Consideration of McCrackens quote to prune Village Hall Car Park Hedges at £585.00
  1. Community Activity Grant & VE Day Celebrations update by Cllr Hamilton
  1. New Website review of quotes received and approval of future actions1 Website Designer

19.2 Domain Name & Council Email Addresses

19.3 Website Hosting/Domain Name Provider

  1. Grass Cutting for 2020 consider whether to go out to tender
Mrs Sharon Henley, Clerk to the Parish Council Website: Facebook: Leafield-Parish-Council
Page 1 of 2 Twitter: @LeafieldCouncil


  1. Damage to Village Greens – review of issues and decision on any further actions
  1. No Parking Signs for Greens – discussion on suitable locations
  1. Insurance for Events on Parish Council Land confirmation of future requirements


  1. Burial Ground – update on project progress – Cllr Pearce


  1. Closure of St Michael & All Angels Churchyard:


25.1 Review of progress

25.2 Discussion and agreement on next steps required


  1. Planning Applications Received & Decision Notices

Consultation & Communication

  1. Climate Change Emergency Sub Committee: Confirmation of New date
  1. Newsletters – discussion on future plans
  1. Councillor attendance at Leafield Christmas Fayre
  1. Review of Correspondence Register
  1. Around the Village – Items to note or for future discussion

Transport & Highways

Ordinary Council Meeting Standing Items

  1. Items for Next Meeting
  2. Date of Next Meeting –Wednesday 11th December 2019 at 20.00hrs in the Pavilion