Annual Parish Meeting – Wednesday 28 April at 8pm via Zoom


To be held on Wednesday 28th April 2021
at 8.00pm via Zoom

All who are resident in the parish are welcome to attend.

Councillor Gina Pearce
Chairman – Leafield Parish Council 1st March 2021

To attend the Zoom meeting, please use the link below
Meeting ID: 228 671 3130
Passcode: APMApril!!


1.   Welcome and Apologies
2.   Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 15th May 2019
3.   Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
4.   Annual Report of Leafield Parish Council
5.   Report from County & District Councillors
6.   Reports from Leafield Community Groups & Local Organisations
7.   To invite the public to raise any matters of interest

The Parish Meeting is an opportunity for parishioners on the Electoral Roll for Leafield to raise any matters of concern to them that relate to their local community. It would be helpful for the Clerk to have prior written notice of any matters to be raised but it is not essential.

8.   Any Other Business

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