Burford Town Centre – Experimental 7.5 tonne Weight Limit

Oxfordshire County Council has made an experimental Order which will operate for a maximum period of 18 months, the order prevents goods vehicles that exceed 7.5 tonnes passing through Burford town centre. The experiment is being proposed as it is considered necessary on the grounds of promoting road safety, reducing danger (including damage to roads and buildings) and congestion, and improving the environment of the area. The order is primarily intended to protect the historic centre of the town, its infrastructure and residential streets, and its community from heavy lorry traffic. The restriction would force heavy goods vehicles to make full use of the alternative major road network around the area. The experiment will be monitored by Burford Town Council and the County Council, with findings to be reported to the Council`s Transport Committee meeting after at least 6 months. This monitoring will help ensure the right decision is made about whether to make the arrangements permanent.

Notes: Locally based HGV owners/operators (for load/goods carrying purposes) may apply for a permit exempting them from the restrictions (allowing them to drive through without the need to stop in the town), and these will be managed by Burford Town Council, whilst alternative routes for HGV traffic will be informed of the restriction using advance road signage (see signage plans at the link below) on the A40, A44, A361, A422, A424, A429 & A436.

The Experimental Order was made on Monday 20th July, and is was advertised in the Witney Gazette and the Oxford Times – coming into force on Wednesday 05th August 2020. It will operate for a maximum period of 18 months & the County Council will be considering in due course whether the provisions of the experimental Order should be continued in force indefinitely. The statutory legal documents are below and are also available to view on the Councils consultation pages at the following address: https://consultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk/consult.ti/BurfordEXPWeightLimit/consultationHome

Any person may object to the making of the order for the purposes of such indefinite continuation within a period of 6 months i.e. any objections or other representations should be submitted by Friday 08th January 2021.

Burford Experiment Weight Limit – CONSULTATION PLAN West Oxon

7.5t Weight Burford – MADE ORDER 20200

Burford Expermintal Weight Limit – PUBLIC NOTCE

Burford Expermintal Weight Limit – STATEMENT OF REASONS

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  1. Greatly concerned of any increase in HGV through Leafield, the roads and footpaths are narrow leaving little room for vehicles and pedestrians, the school sits at the centre of our village and will be an epicentre for issues, this Combined with busy farm traffic during periods of the year. The problem in Burford should not become a problem for Leafield

    • Thanks Paul. Don’t forget to respond directly to the consultation using the link as that is where your comments will be logged by the County Council.

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