Parish Council Meeting – Monday 26th April at 8pm via Zoom

To all Members of the Council

You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of Leafield Parish Council to be held as a video conference on Monday 26 April 2021 at 20.00 hours for the purpose of transacting the following business.

To attend the Zoom meeting please click on the link below
Meeting ID: 843 1404 8686
Passcode: 493567

Anne Ogilvie PSLCC
Clerk to Leafield Parish Council        19 April 2021

Recording of the meeting: Please be aware that the meeting may be recorded by the Council or others, and no permissions are required for this, pursuant to the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014, amending the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.


1. Welcome from the Chairman
2. To receive apologies for absence
3. To approve and sign minutes of Council meeting on 10 March 2021
4. To receive declarations of interest in items in the agenda
5. To receive and comment on Clerk’s report
6. To receive reports from District and County Councillors
7. Opportunity for the public to speak – to provide members of the press/public with the opportunity to comment on items on the agenda, or raise items for future consideration. In accordance with Standing Orders, this will not exceed 15 minutes in total and five minutes per person
8. Budget update – To review and approve current year budget update
9. Reserves – To review the reserves
10. Finance update – To review and approve finance update
11. Payments and receipts – To review and approve current payments, to note current receipts
12. To instruct bank signatories to approve payments
13. To approve revised asset register
14. Village Hall – To receive update from Cllr Pearce
15. Playground works
15.1 To consider requesting Playsafety Ltd undertake the annual playground safety inspection
15.2 Written notice has been received by the Proper Officer from two councillors for the following motion: Special motion to consider reversing resolution 26.1 in minutes of Council Meeting held on 10 February 2021
“26.1 To consider quotation received for replacement of basket seat and agree actions
The quotation was noted. It was resolved not to replace the basket seat.”
15.3 To consider quotation received for replacement of basket seat and agree actions
16. Pavilion – To receive update regarding insurance claims and agree actions
17. Churchyard –
17.1 To receive Working Party update from Cllr Hamilton
17.2 To receive update regarding the drainage issue from Cllr Russ and agree actions (deferred from meeting on 10 March 2021)
18. Burial Ground Project
18.1 To receive update on progress of construction phase from Cllr Pearce and agree actions
18.2 To consider quotation for creation of paths on left hand side of burial ground and agree actions
18.3 To consider reversing resolution 19.1 in minutes of Council Meeting held on 12 August 2020
“19.2 Resolution to arrange for consecration of 45 of the 68 grave spaces in Phase 1. Remaining plots to be non-consecrated to allow for non-denominational burials and interment of ashes
After discussion, this was resolved by councillors. The Chairman to send over to the Clerk an improved map of the burial plots annotated with numbers. It was confirmed that additional plots can be consecrated at a later date if required.”
18.4 To consider whether to consecrate part of the burial ground, consecration to be carried out by Diocese of Oxford at a cost of circa £450
18.5 To consider which areas of burial ground are to be consecrated and number of plots to be consecrated
19. Village Green – To receive Working Party update from Cllr Hamilton
20. Grass cutting contract –
20.1 To consider churchyard grass cutting quotations and select contractor
20.2 To consider burial ground grass maintenance quotations and select contractor
21. Red telephone box – To receive update regarding installation of the telephone box
22. Community Orchard and wildflower area – To receive report on the Community Orchard and wildflower area and agree actions
23 Flag on Village Green – To note the Council’s appreciation to Paul Hayes for flying the flag on the Village Green
24. 21/00701/LBC – Old George House, The Green, Leafield – Replacement of stone slates with natural slates to roof of existing garden room
Comment deadline – 27 April 2021
25. To comment on any planning applications received before date of meeting
26. To receive update of previous planning applications
27. Correspondence Register – To receive register and agree actions
28. To receive items for information only
28.1 TTRO – Road closure – B4022 Witney Road, Finstock, 22-26 April, 5am – 8pm, for carriageway patching works (dates changed from 12-15 April)
28.2 To note that the Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Wednesday 28 April at 8pm, via Zoom
29. To receive requests for items for next agenda, and note that items for the next agenda must be received at least one week before the next meeting.
30. To agree date, place and time for Annual Council Meeting
31. To consider options for holding council meetings and making decisions from 07 May and agree actions



05 – Clerk report
13 – Asset register
31 – Meeting options


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