Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – Monday 17th October

An Extraordinary Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 17th October, at 7.15 pm, at The Pavilion, Lower End, Leafield.

The public and press are welcome to attend.


  1. To elect the Chairman of the Council
  2. To receive the Acceptance of Office of the Chairman
  3. Welcome from the Chairman
  4. To receive apologies for absence
  5. To receive declarations of interest in items on the agenda
  6. Payments and receipts – To review and approve current payments, to note current receipts
  7. Playing field

7.1     To consider a request from the Football Club for the cost of the sand needed to fill in cracks in the playing field area and agree actions

7.2     To consider a request from the Football Club for the cost of fuel for mowing the playing field area and agree actions

  1. Village Hall Car Park

8.1     To consider quotations for resurfacing the car park entrance, and agree actions (deferred from August meeting)

8.2     To consider the request from some residents to improve the Village Hall car park surface by installing a path from the car park entrance to the Village Hall and agree actions

8.3     To consider engaging a solicitor to draw up the lease agreement with the Football Club for the temporary siting of a changing room portacabin on a portion of the Village Hall car park following the meeting in August between representatives of the Football Club and the Parish Council and agree actions

  1. To receive requests for items for next agenda, and note that motions for inclusion on the next agenda and background papers (including quotations) must be received by the Clerk at least one week before the next meeting.
  2. To confirm date, place and time for the next meeting

6 – Receipts and payments
7.1 – Report – Sand for playing field
7.2 – Report – Mowing fuel cost request
8.2 – Report – Path request

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