Litter picking report – February 3rd

Report from the Litter Picking Group


Counting our successes… the Leafield litter pickup on Saturday, February 3:


-6th straight year- first one was in 2019


Record number of 24 participants this year, vs 10 in 2019

Divided into teams covering several routes, with sacks collected en route to keep individual loads manageable

-Elapsed time- 2 hours, including route assignments, collecting, sorting, and refreshments following


-Road miles covered- about 8:

Perimeter of The Greens;

Witney Lane from the church to Crawley Road junction;

Buttermilk Lane from Witney Lane to Field Assarts postbox;

Leafield Ridings from The Greens to Field Assarts Crawley Road postbox;

Crawley Road postbox to Witney Rd. Junction;

Purrants Lane;

Lower end from The Greens to Greenwich Lane;

Fairspear Road from The Greens to Leafield Tech Centre junction


-The haul:

1.5 wheelie bins of paper, plastic, and aluminium for recycling

1.5 wheelie bins of rubbish

2 black box recycle bins glass

Assorted auto body parts from one or more road mishaps


Thanks to all village residents who gave their time to improve the appearance of our community, and also County and District Councillor Liam Walker. Thanks to Michael Triff for organising materials (litter pickers, bags, and bins), routes, maps, and teams, publicity, and hosting the event from his driveway and front garden, and to Deborah Triff for the delicious cakes, teas, and coffee in the garden afterwards. A number of litter picks were provided by Leafield Parish Council supplemented by additional ones borrowed from OCC by Liam Walker.

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